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Use Video to Speak to Your Customers and Break Out into the Online Marketplace

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As a creative professional who is well versed in video editing and writing, I can help your organisation craft video content which conveys your message across to your intended audience on social media and elsewhere. I always aim to create video content which is sharp, concise and fun  and contains clear calls to action for the viewer.

My services cover the following areas:

- Video editing of pre-recorded footage and digital photography via stock video library or client video library

- Inclusion and animation of in-video text

- Copyright and royalty free background music

Extras Include:

- Scriptwriting and voice recording services

- Inclusion, animation and presentation of key stats and figures in chart or diagram form

- YouTube video upload. This includes the creation of a personalised cover photo and title, along with a written video description and video tags

Client Testimonials

Delma Pryce

Reach Dem UK

RDUK Testimonial
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Leon Gayle 

Counselling to Success

Leon C2S Testimonial
00:00 / 00:21
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