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As a Cambridge humanities graduate, an established copyeditor and writer, and TESOL qualified EFL teacher, I have proofread and edited 100s of different texts, ranging from school essays and college applicant personal statements, to published articles and job listings. I enjoy my work and will make sure that together, we get the best out of your writing.

"Editing a paper" by Nia McPhee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I Will Check and Perfect YOUR English Writing by:

  • Correcting spelling errors

  • Checking your punctuation and grammar

  • Cutting out unnecessary words

  • Remedying any tense issues

  • Including idiomatic language well suited to different target audiences

  • Ensuring that text boasts clarity of meaning and intent

Along with a number of other areas, I can: 

  • Copyedit your article, a college essay or personal statement 

  • Polish and energize your social media post 

  • Double check the English of your e-commerce page and individual product descriptions and titles

Payment methods include:

  • PayPal

  • Wechat Pay

  • Visa card bank payments

  • UnionPay card bank payments

  • Cryptocurrency payments

For further information about prices and delivery time, drop me a line at and include information about the text such as the text type, word count and desired turnaround time.

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